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A true farmer always goes the extra mile.


"Attendez-vous à une meilleure endurance et plus de longévité grâce au design technlogique d.fine"

Driven by passion and dedication, the farmer works in the field for as long as it takes to bring in the harvest. Likewise, our engineers go that extra mile so our tires can support the farmer in all weather and on all terrain. They are miles ahead of standard tires, integrating N.flex technology, the innovative bead design and advanced d.fine lug technology. Longer-lasting tires take dedicated farmers further.

  • Longévité grâce au desgin d.fine 
  • Robustesse grâce à la technologie N.flex
  • Faible compactage du sol grâce à la tringle spécifique
Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

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